Introducing: Author You Don’t Know…Yet

The first post of a blog is so awkward to me. So, let’s stick with a general introductory post.

My name is Anna Herlihy. I am a new author as of January 2014, so chances are you haven’t heard of me or my book yet. Yet.

I am a science fiction/fantasy writer. My first novel was published on January 1, 2014. The Watch (Clarity: Book One) is available in print and ebook format through Amazon. If you’re interested in a story full of plagues, kidnappings, and devilish vigilantes, check out my author website for a longer summary and a five chapter excerpt of The Watch.

This blog is for my own personal use. For recipes and running stories and wine, for ranting and raving over books, for complaints and good news and travelogues.

It’s my first time running a blog like this. Should be fun..?